Are you looking for a special design? Then you will surely like the Justus Renard Fox. A fox attracted in casual business design (Fox, Renard), lovingly designed. The motif is currently available in two variants: Justus Renard Fuchs dressed with a white shirt, chino trousers and sailor shoes or alternatively the Justus Renard Fox which also wears a dark wax jacket. A striking motif, a real eye-catcher. Both design variants are available in different colours and clothing sizes for women, men and children. It doesn't matter where you wear it, in the office, at sports, at a party, disco, a family reunion, at school or in kindergarten... you're sure to be talked about it. Also a gift idea for grandma, grandpa, mum, dad or children.

Justus Renard im Hemd mockup anthrazit  Justus Renard im Hemd mockup dunkelgrün  Justus Renard im Hemd mockup cranberry  Justus Renard im Hemd mockup weiß

The designs are only selected examples. The motif is available in other colors and many clothing sizes for women, men and children.  

Justus Renard im Hemd T Shirt mockup

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